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Blood Brother: Rocky Braat’s Sacrifice and Gain

Blood Brother: Rocky Braat’s Sacrifice and Gain

Image Credit: Blood Brother

By Kyrsten Skulborstad– Let’s play a game. In the next five seconds, think of a person who selflessly pours out his or her life on behalf of others.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Stop.

Was Mother Theresa one of the first people who came to mind?  Or, perhaps you thought of other famed historic figures like William Wilberforce, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr.Ghandi, or a few token others. While these individuals are the obvious choices — and for good reason — there are thousands of people across the world who, every day, sacrifice their own comfort and convenience to love others.

One of these people is 30-year-old Rocky Braat.

Braat is a graphic designer from the United States who, after graduating from art school, did the natural thing: got a job, made some money and lived an independent life. But he wasn’t content. Despite having a promising career and the benefits that resulted from it, Braat decided to travel to India where, unbeknownst to him, the trajectory of his life would be altered. After visiting a hostel for AIDS orphans in Chennai, Braat decided to uproot his life in the U.S. to live amongst and love these kids.

“People in their lives were always in and out,” says Braat in his documentary. ”I can’t take anyone out of that situation, but I can put myself in it.”

His best friend, Steve Hoover, didn’t get it. So, he flew out to visit Braat and meet the children who changed his life. Turns out, he was inspired, too. The video above is the trailer for Blood Brother, a film produced by Hoover and friends that documents the pain, beauty, sorrow, joy, despair and hope that intermingle in the dynamic relationships among Braat and the orphans he serves.

“I believe the hopeful will outweigh the heartbreaking,” Hoover tells The Times of India. ”My ultimate goal is to inspire people, I don’t want to depress or discourage people. I want to show them how an ordinary, unlikely person can make an incredible difference…practically, without having people notice or care.”

To learn three simple steps you can take — right from your computer — to support Braat’s work in India and to share Blood Brother with your friends, visit Hope Mob.

Click on our Featured Charity to support other unsung heros in their worldwide mission to achieve justice for vulnerable children, just like those Braat serves.

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  1. TracyWW September 28, 2012 at 3:45 am #

    Fantastic story, but please, read up about this appalling ‘Mother Teresa’ woman before including her in a list of people who actually helped reduce misery and suffering instead of spending their lives promoting it like she did.

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