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Connect for a Cause: Social Media Boosts Online Giving

Connect for a Cause: Social Media Boosts Online Giving

Image Credit: World Food Programme

By Stefanie Kienstra– In today’s digital age, it might seem difficult to disconnect, find time to leave the computer at home and find time to volunteer or help out at a local charity or nonprofit. There’s good news, though – for those of us who are tied to our digital devices and can’t break away, there are plenty of ways to connect with the charitable organizations you support, online.

A recent article by Mashable gave a recap of a study that was performed by M+R Research Services, which offered some insightful information about how the public connects with nonprofits in the digital world. The study concluded that online fundraising in the past year has gone up, the average one-time financial gift has gone up, and that social media followers and online/digital subscriber rates are all influencing how nonprofits connect with those who want to help.

Another recent piece by Reason Digital points out ways that charities are successfully connecting with their supporters online. They point out that multimedia tools such as documentary-style videos, “cyber mentors,” and mapping tools that connect people with their local volunteer sites help connect people to one another within their neighborhoods and networks. These networks become invaluable to some nonprofits, who depend on these tools to announce and remind their supporters of upcoming events and opportunities to give back.

Finding innovative ways to connect the public with their favorite nonprofits can also be inspiring with the use of digital interactive graphics. The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that visual graphic such as maps, charts, and other real-time interactive visuals help prospective donors, volunteers, group leaders, and even legislators to understand more about their cause and how to help. They found that the more interactive the graphics, the more user feedback they can receive, which helps to improve and explain how to become more involved.

How do you connect to the causes you’re passionate about?

To connect NOW, visit the websites of the charities we feature and see how you can take part in their awesome work.

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